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Write better Product Descriptions & improve SEO on important website pages.

AI Originated, Humanly Enhanced.

‘Press go’ functions combine customer profiling, shopper search behaviours & all the benefits of AI content – with unique human-touch edit ability.

HTML Export Content

ONE CLICK Copy / HTML Export

Copy / Export your results to your own content management platforms to make better website pages or improve your SEO.

Elevate your product descriptions & listings.

Stand out in a crowded, competitive marketplace & improve your customer experience. Delve into what really drives purchase decisions – needs, practicality, motivation, emotional drivers & much more.

Improve Descriptions
Search similar phrases

Pick any phrase result & discover similar variations.

Hundreds of questions with thousands of related questions in a big web; all with more relations.


Live Google Search

See how each search appears in live Google results.

Look for ideas & inspiration to rank your pages. Find out where you appear & where you don’t –  figure out why.

Search a location or webiste

Search a phrase by location or within a website URL.

Learn which competitors appear locally & figure out why – write better pages to help fill the gaps in search results.

Improve every part of every page on your website.

Build a customer focussed, needs-based website with improved pages & product descriptions powered by Intelligent customer profiling – promote what you improve with Easy Paid Ads Features.

Leebot Marketing Templates
Leebot Marketing Templates

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