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A one-of-a-kind early adopter partnership.

Invite-only beta subscription for select auto retailers only

What we’re asking for.

Most people watch one quick demo (under 4 mins) then quickly see the long game & why it’s something to get behind.

We’re really confident you’ll see the value in early adopter partnership features alone (Option 1)
– but it would be brilliant if you love our vision so much you want to partner with us for more (Options 1 & 2).

Option 1: Get in & Get going.

Buy 1 Subscription for £99pm
(3 Users & 1 Stock Feed included)

e.g. Group feed

 Option 2: Upgrade your support.

 – So we can max out the success; for your benefit & ours.

– Enterprise supports any exisiting PPC account management if you prefer to balance the cost of support.
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We’re being clear & transparent about our agenda.

5 Years in development & now it’s ready. Our long aim is simple & we’re upfront about why we’re doing this deal.

We want key retailers in early.

The Subscription is deliberately ‘token-value’ – we get our value from platform advertising & support. 

We need to build up stock profile

We’re looking for people who believe in our aim to support the network with something more meaningful: Control.

Help us to see if we got it right.

We think you will & add more teams, departments & more products when you love it. You won’t if you don’t.

Power, back.

It’s designed to give you more control over your classifieds & other channels.

Cuts costs, drives efficiencies.

It also reduces the amount of channels to market & tools you need.

BOOST products selectively.

PLUS – Unlimited free stock listings for beta-subscribers, forever.

There’s no experience required, and a no-risk money back guarantee, which might seem very risk free – it’s deliberate. 👍
It’s also built by some of the UK’s best auto marketers for auto marketers.

Leebot - auto

+ Team collaboration Tasks created.

+ Projects created so far & counting!

Avg. User sessions per month.

+ Million / car buying key-words & phrases

+ Million audience profile types

+ Targeting locations in available in the UK (post codes too).

Next Actions: Sign up & Upload your products.

Let Leebot’s Artificial Intelligence discover who’s searching for what you’re selling & and create free, unlimited advertising product pages – then maximise all the value from the Audience Profiling & Marketing tools.

Discover the way your customers search, behave & find you.

Learn what words people use to find your products, business or brand and make your content a perfect match for your website visitors.

Execute highly visual business briefing materials or help teams to understand their target audiences.

Hours of research in seconds.   

Promote your products or services on Google, Facebook & Instagram all at once. 🎉

  • Create targeted advertising campaigns collaboratively at scale; locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Manage multiple teams or stakeholders, in multiple locations; to deliver better buy in, get approval or accelerate effectiveness of communications about edits and changes.
  • Turn your adverts on or off with one click.
  • Send website visitors to Leebot’s promotional pages, or to your own website.

Publish great content to the right people.

Choose the exact type of customer you want from world class easy-to-search shopper library of over 100 Million audience profile types and over 3 Million keyword & competitor search phrases.

Everything’s categorised and filtered by product or industry to help you find a niche to publish to, or you can create adverts to increase visibility to generate new customers effortlessly

Works with most fancy apps of choice.

Bring your Docs & files together to make brilliant plans, reports, promotional pages, adverts & more.

Agree, disagree, debate, discuss, approve – in minutes not weeks.

Manage your internal stakeholders or improve your customer service >.  Help the right people to do the right things, at the right time and track activity as it happens.

Oh, and you can stop chasing Kevin, too.


Apply for BETA access.

Find out if you fit the criteria to Join Leebot’s confidential BETA programme and get access to all of Leebot’s features for just £99 per workspace.

30 day, no quibble money back guarantee.
(excludes 3rd party advertising spend)