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Upgrade your support to get started, get better or become great.

Our Mentors can help a little or a lot and best of all – you can work together in your shared workspaces!

Onboarding support options



One-off fee, per account.


  • 45 Minute Product Tour video call 1-2-1 with Q&A session.
    • Discovery session – discuss your business goals & challenges.



    One-off fee.


    • 1-3 hrs Product Tour video call with team Q&A session.
      • Advanced Discovery session – understanding you, your business & your people.


      Gold Support

      One-off fee.


      • Upto 16hrs delived over 2 days.
      • Onboards multiple teammates.
        • Dedicated video call onboarding with, email & phone based support.

        Hands on tutorials from our Marketing Mentorship team.

        How-to? articles & resources, right when you need them.

        Hands on advertising management & advert creation.

        Account management options

        Not a bean


        Chat support with access to help documentation and educational resources.


        Gold Support

        Dedicated account manager to monitor and optimise your account around the clock with 1 monthly meeting* and quarterly account improvement and performance roundups. *Video / call.


        Platinum Support

        Everything in Gold support, plus:

        Upto 3 ad hoc meetings* a month with a consultant for guidance on your account, marketing and sales strategy.



        Premium tailored guidance, advanced insights, advert creation, strategy, planning and implementation. Fully dedicated support with regular communications.

        The latest strategy implementation for capturing, converting, understanding, and engaging your customers.

        Support with organizing your team, tracking organisational communications, maximizing productivity, and measuring efficiency.

        Improve business footfall to key retail locations..


        Find out how to improve the marketing in your key locations & find out more about your local demographics.

        Give your team the opportunity to work & communicate with other marketing brains - without losing your own time.

        Expand your own knowledge or a person in your team.


        Discover ‘tips-and-tricks’ to get your ideas, your brand, your products or services in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

        We’re removing the need to find a ‘reliable marketing partner’ and replacing it with a tool that makes everyone good at marketing.

        Support that works around your schedule.


        Ask what you want, when you want and get access to our detailed help documentation – find out what tools we use to get the best for our customers every day.  You don’t need to go it alone ever again.  

        Learn, develop & grow with Leebot's Support Team.

        Chat support to get advice & get ahead.

        Work with people who will love your business.

        Get marketing tips, advice & resources

        Goal setting.

        Reporting & ROI.

        Promoting Key Channels.

        Website Experience.

        Website Tracking.

        Search & SEO.

        Marketing Planning.

        Landing Page Optimisation.

        Local Marketing.

        Trends & Insights.

        Work with people who will love your business. ❤️

        "Working in the Marketing Mentorship and Support team is really rewarding.  I love supporting the variety of skill sets who all want to do the same thing - grow businesses, and become better at what they do.

        Somedays I'll be working with someone fresh in to marketing and keen to learn, and other days, I'll be deep in a complex discussion with someone who's been doing it for years".

        Silvia, Marketing Mentorship Team

        "For a lot of our customers, their personal key skills lie in running businesses or managing departments.

        So they often just lack the time to figure out where or why they should be spending their money.

        I like to see my job as that helping hand that needs to navigate them from point A to point B and lead them to their pot of gold."

        Erin, Marketing Support Chat

        Powerful Alone. Better Together.

        You can use to organise, plan, publish or promote anything, but you can also combine it with upgraded support for better effect.  Just the ticket.

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