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Leebot’s a powerful knowledge-base that feeds our advertising algorithms. 

The name represents all those who’ve helped create the super-brain software that powers our own company & helps others to learn, grow & thrive.

So why's it called Leebot?

Leebot is powered and created by Armchair Marketing, a specialist marketing agency dealing with some of the worlds most well-known brands.

When we started the business way back, we got booked out so much, that we couldn’t bill any more work.

We joked that we needed to download our skill-set and make it available to all on a dongle of sorts.

“Like a little Leebot” someone said. 

We think it’s lovely being so popular, but we wanted to Think Big, because we only work on awesome.

We invested our experience and time to create a combined knowledge base that also feeds our brilliant advertising algorithms.

✓ Our new hires, partnership & collaborations brought more skills.
✓ We accelerated the pace of learning for our new starters.
✓ Everything in our business got faster, and better.
✓ We made it available to all who want to learn & develop.

So our software's real name... is actually... Taneshabot, Silviabot, Jonbot, Pimbot, Hubertbot, Tombot, Andybot...

…and the many names who’ve helped us make it what it is today.

…but you don’t have to be a marketing genius to see that a website name as long as that wouldn’t have been as catchy…