Selling as a business?

Leebot makes it easy as pie.

Wether you’re starting out, trying to get better or looking for the edge; get a load of Leebot’s powerful tools to help you manage your marketing like never before.  

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Step 1

Organise & Plan


  • Set up a Project or use a marketing planner template.
    • List all of the places you want your message to be found, create tasks to keep things orgasnised – invite others to help.

    Step 2



    • Leebot let’s you choose the exact type of audience you want & use it to create your adverts.
      • Send website visitors to your website – or Leebot’s free lisitings pages.

      Step 3



      • Create artilces or reviews and publish them in the discovery section – link them to your advertising lisitng.
        • Promote your pages on your social media channels to increase reach.

        Create Google, Facebook & Instagram avdets all at once.  🎉

        Create an entire quarters advertising in just 10 mins.

        • Create targeted advertising campaigns collaboratively at scale; locally, nationally or internationally.
        • Manage multiple teams or stakeholders, in multiple locations; to deliver better buy in, get approval or accelerate effectiveness of communications about edits and changes.
        • Turn your adverts on or off with one click.
        • Send website visitors to Leebot’s promotional pages, or to your own website.

        Discover the way your customers search, behave & find you.

        World class easy-to-search shopper library of over 100 Million audience profile types, with over 3 Million car buying, finance and property search phrases categorised at product or search phrase level.

        Filter the buying behaviours and demographics of millions of UK & European shoppers in any industry.

        Boost any content.

        Create targeted ads to increase performance of any preferred channel to market.

        Build & edit powerful adverts easy in just a few clicks.

        Build Google, Facebook & Instagram adverts easy as pie and in a flash.

        Target Postcodes, Cities or Towns.

        Choose your own radius and add mutliple locations.

        Customisable landing pages or more traffic to your website.

        Make your own product pages, or add a link to your existing website pages.

        Results guaranteed.

        Spend capped.  Performance guaranteed.  No nasty suprises. 

        Live reporting. Start & Stop your adverts with one click.

        Never waste money again.  

        Live shopper data from Google, Facebook & Instagram APIs.

        See age, demographics, relationship status & more.

        Write your own reviews & publish them in Leebot’s Discovery section.

        Ready to get started?

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        30 day, no quibble money back guarantee.
        (excludes 3rd party advertising spend)