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Selling as a business?

Leebot makes it easy as pie.

Wether you’re starting out, trying to get better or looking for the edge; get a load of Leebot’s powerful tools to help you manage your marketing like never before.  

 Promote your products or services on Google & Facebook.  🎉

  • Create targeted advertising campaigns collaboratively at scale; locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Sophisticated advert targeting made easy, powered by Audience Insights - no experience required.
  • Turn your adverts on or off with one click.
  • Send website visitors to your free Leebot Storefront, or to your own website.

Free promo landing pages.

A/B Test Ads using Leebot Storefronts - think like AutoTrader or Zoopla, without the fee to list.  View example promo page.

Select & buy highly targeted, on-demand shoppers to your free product listings for added benefits, like enquiry inbox, page customisation & tracking.

Manage everything in one place with built-in campaign management & delegation features.

Build & edit powerful adverts easy in just a few clicks.

Build Google, Facebook & Instagram adverts easy as pie and in a flash.

Target Postcodes, Cities or Towns.

Choose your own radius and add mutliple locations.

Customisable landing pages or more traffic to your website.

Make your own product pages, or add a link to your existing website pages.

Results guaranteed.

Spend capped.  Performance guaranteed.  No nasty suprises. 

Live reporting. Start & Stop your adverts with one click.

Never waste money again.  

Live shopper data from Google, Facebook & Instagram APIs.

See age, demographics, relationship status & more.

Leebot's clever audience intelligence makes Content, SEO & Paid Ads Easy.

Powered by AI & your product data.



The Marketplace for Wisdom.

  • Save topics you’re interested in to learn about key topics.
  • Save & copy templates that help with all aspects of professional work, or life.
  • Browse 0000s of products & available services – or promote your own.
  • Follow & connect with our creators to get updates when they post new content.
  • Follow niche workspaces for collections of content.

Boost any content.

Create targeted ads to increase performance of any preferred channel to market.

Write your own reviews & publish them in Leebot’s Discovery section.

Apply for BETA access.

Find out if you fit the criteria to Join Leebot’s confidential BETA programme and get access to all of Leebot’s features for just £99 per workspace.

No-risk, no-quibble 30-day money back guarantee 👍

If Leebot doesn’t meet your expectations within 30 days of signing up, we’ll refund your full subscription*  – just drop us a line.

*Subscription only.
Excludes 3rd Party advertising spend, e.g. Google or Facebook advertising transactions.