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A place to organise, plan, publish or promote your automotive marketing.

Content, SEO & Paid Ads Made Easy for the Automotive Industry.

One tool, many solutions.

The world’s first automotive marketing planner that’s built for individuals, groups & OEMs to work together in any location.

Content calendar

Stop chasing your team mates for progress updates.  Let Leebot do it.

Manage your internal stakeholders or improve your customer service >.  Help the right people to do the right things, at the right time and track activity as it happens.

Agree, disagree, debate – in minutes not weeks.


Plus! Leebot's clever audience intelligence makes Content, SEO & Paid Ads Easy.

Improves every website, upskills anyone – use it alone or together in teams.

Get advice & get ahead with upgraded support.


Get very clever audience intelligence powered by AI & your product data.

Upload your products, brands or services to discover who's searching for what you're selling & and create free, unlimited advertising product pages.


Upload your products to Leebot

Promote New Cars, Used Cars, Service, MOTs or Recruitment adverts on Google, Facebook & Instagram all at once.  🎉

Create an entire quarters advertising in just 10 mins.

  • Create targeted advertising campaigns collaboratively at scale; locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Manage multiple teams or stakeholders, in multiple locations; to deliver better buy in, get approval or accelerate effectiveness of communications about edits and changes.
  • Turn your adverts on or off with one click.
  • Send website visitors to your free  Leebot’s Storefront, or to your own website.

Free promo landing pages.

A/B Test Ads using Leebot Storefronts – think like AutoTrader or Zoopla, without the fee to list.  View example promo page.

Select & buy highly targeted, on-demand shoppers to your free product listings for added benefits, like enquiry management, page customisation & tracking.

List your new & used car stock feeds for free, forever.

Did we mention unlimited stock?  This thing’s different and it’s going to get your attention.

Leebot’s unique advertising model is the world’s first ‘free to list’ online marketplace with pay-per-click boosting ability, unlimited used-car stock, customisable landing pages, modularised task management with a marketing planner / business in a box.

Win, win.

Write much better car reviews & answer the questions that matter.

People who work for car dealers know more about cars than NASA knows about the moon.

Finding a good marketing company to get your content ‘out there’ is hit-and-miss.

We’re removing the need to find a ‘reliable marketing partner’ and replacing it with a tool that makes everyone good at marketing.


Leebot has features coming out of its ears.

Customisable landing pages or more traffic to your website.

Make your own product pages, or add a link to your existing website pages.

Build & edit powerful adverts easy in just a few clicks.

Build Google, Facebook & Instagram adverts easy as pie and in a flash.

Target Postcodes, Cities or Towns.

Choose your own radius and add mutliple locations.

For motor trade marketers.

+ Million car buyers available at anytime

+ Million car buyers delivered

+ Locations targeted globally

+ Million auto / car buying key-phrases

Experienced far & wide.

Advertise to active buyers looking for your products & services.

“Looking for a car has been really hard, and I’d almost given up.  I saw and advert for Imperial Car Supermarket in my Facebook feed – where I’d least expected it, with the exact type of car I wanted – even the petrol version, which is so hard to find.

…I’d definitely say that the advert I saw was PERFECT “

Katie Forbes, Coventry

“I ended up placing a deposit on a car I saw directly in Google search.  The thing is, it wasn’t even the dealer I searched for – but that’s how it is now, the dealer I originally contacted never called me back, and when I searched for them again, this advert came up and I thought; why not?”

David Toogood, Market Harborough.

Apply for BETA access.

Find out if you fit the criteria to Join Leebot’s confidential BETA programme and get access to all of Leebot’s features for just £99 per workspace.

No-risk, no-quibble 30-day money back guarantee 👍

If Leebot doesn’t meet your expectations within 30 days of signing up, we’ll refund your full subscription*  – just drop us a line.

*Subscription only.
Excludes 3rd Party advertising spend, e.g. Google or Facebook advertising transactions.