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Every user gets their own personal ‘space’.

Upload products & advertise, but no collaboration features. 

Upgrade to work together in a ‘workspace’.

Add any user to share files, chat, assign, approve, view activity.

You can flip between your personal space & your shared spaces.

Organise your workspaces around sub-segments locations or departments; like ‘Marketing’, ‘Sales’ or ‘Manchester’, ‘London Central’ or ‘Paris’.  If you’re freelancing, you could create ‘Client 1’ ‘Client 2’ and so on

Workspaces have unlimited projects.

A project is a collection of tasks or docs.  Anyone who has access to a workspace has access to the projects & the tasks.  

Use notes for saving ideas on the fly.

Notes are personal.  Only you.  You can convert a note into a task and move it into any project at any point.

Store, tag & search your web bookmarks.

Lift off is just like saving websites in your browser bookmarks, but it’s like NASA made it. 

Chat without the clutter of the chain.

Say goodbye to conversations that go off topic.  Individual Task-related chat that organises itself like Whatsapp.

Plan one workspace at a time, or more.

One thing at time?  No problem.  Keep it simple with a filtered view.  With Leebot’s Planner, whatever order you put your information in, everything comes back at you clear as crystal. Easy as pie.   

Plan with combined views for the big picture.

If you look after plans, calendars and events for lots of locations or customers – Leebot’s organisational planning features help you filter by multiple workspaces, projects, assignees, date ranges, categories, types and tags!  

A Work OS* with a difference.

*Many folks have different names for it –  Work Operating Sysytem, Productivity Management, Marketing Planners, Project Management, etc.

Whatever you call it – it’s great for Team Management & much more.


Leebot’s Google Chrome extension saves the web to your workspaces.

“Everything has it’s place”, Tidy desk is a tidy mind”, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned”.  Some folks have got it sussed, but for those that don’t there’s Leebot’s Google Chrome Extension.

Publish. Promote.

Your idea’s got legs. You’re planning perfect.  Now it’s time to use Leebot’s publish & promote features to get your hard work seen by the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

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