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Done For You means extra orders, revenue & profit.

365 days a year fully-managed advertising coverage & SEO recommendations with a built-in, one-of-a-kind software that finds & prevents gaps in your marketing.

No more gaps.

Our ‘Done For You‘ service means we’ll create your adverts & work with you to make a plan that fills the gaps – but your teams can check / edit them or turn them on or off easy, anytime.

It takes seconds to create your own ‘last-minute’ targeted adverts to target more customers in new categories & say goodbye to long agency turn-around times.

Advert schedule in Leebot.
Continuous Adverts


This is a tactical alternative for teams of all skills to take action, A/B test ideas & promote the org. better, together.

Use it as an additional channel to market (virtual store), or direct visitors to your own website profiles.

The easiest way to grow is to do something different.


Generate fantastic advertising results & impove SEO at the same time.

Leebot’s a great alternative to poor performing lead generation channels / traditional or out-dated services.  

Ad Spend


£3,853 inc. Done For You & Subscription.

Local Views


Website Visitors. 




Total Unit Profit


*Example opportunities shown based on Auto industry (Leebot’s launch market).
Results vary positively & negatively from industry to industry due to competition, profit, company sales conversion, performance, seasonality & volume.
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Tailored Service for Google / Facebook Account.
  • If you already have a Google Ads or Facebook Ads account, Leebot improves it using a 10X Data goal.
  • Requires a simple transfer of service with your existing agency / service provider.
  • It’s all the benefits of your existing PPC or SEO with improved features.
  • Not convinced?  Try our Done For You Service first (£1094 inc. Subscription), learn how we fill the gaps with Tactical adverts & see the success for yourself.


> More Leads.

> More Website Visitors.

> More Brand Awareness / Local PR.


+300% Growth in consumer content website visits.

Imperial Cars

36% Annual revenue growth from optimisation.

Peugeot Logo

1500+ leads in the first month & lowest cost of traffic.

How it works.

PPC Strategy

🦶Dip your toe in first with easy Onboarding.



One-off fee, per account.


  • 45 Minute Product Tour video call 1-2-1 with Q&A session.
    • Discovery session – discuss your business goals & challenges.



    One-off fee.


    • 1-3 hrs Product Tour video call with team Q&A session.
      • Advanced Discovery session – understanding you, your business & your people.


      Gold Support

      One-off fee.


      • Upto 16hrs delived over 2 days.
      • Onboards multiple teammates.
        • Dedicated video call onboarding with, email & phone based support.

        Hands on tutorials from our Marketing Mentorship team.

        Chat support with access to help documentation & educational resources.

         Promote your products or services on Google & Facebook.  🎉

        • Create targeted advertising campaigns collaboratively at scale; locally, nationally or internationally.
        • Sophisticated advert targeting made easy, powered by Audience Insights - no experience required.
        • Turn your adverts on or off with one click.
        • Send website visitors to your free Leebot Storefront, or to your own website.

        Free promo landing pages.

        A/B Test Ads using Leebot Storefronts - think like AutoTrader or Zoopla, without the fee to list.  View example promo page.

        Select & buy highly targeted, on-demand shoppers to your free product listings for added benefits, like enquiry management, page customisation & tracking.

        Manage everything in one place with built-in campaign management & delegation features.