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Leebot is a place to organise, plan, publish or promote anything.  

The Problem

Too many good products, ideas and services fail because they don’t reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

To succeed, every good idea will eventually need good marketing. Many don’t have the time to learn marketing.

Good marketing companies are hit and miss.

People with good ideas are up against it from the start – perhaps this is why 70% of businesses fail in the first 3 years.

There are serious consequences for taking the wrong approach to marketing.

Bad marketing kills good ideas.

Our Mission.

Provide our creators with the ability to exponentially accelerate the way they organise, plan, publish or promote anything and get their content discovered by the people who need it.

Connect our audience with our content creators and support them both to exchange ACTIONABLE information and mutual value.

Upskill everyone. 

Experience is everything.

Leebot’s created and privately owned by Armchair Marketing, a strategic marketing consultancy based in the United Kingdom.

Armchair’s worked with and represented some of the worlds biggest and well-loved brands like; eBay, Facebook, Google and a whole range of international clients ranging from UK AM250 car dealer groups, to well known global brands such as: eBay, Toyota (Switzerland), AutoTrader (South Africa), The Emil Frey Group AG (Germany), Motors.co.uk (UK) and more.

For the last 5 years, we’ve had one goal – to create something that helps good ideas to survive and thrive. 

How do we know it works?  We run our entire business on it.

Bad marketing kills good ideas.  Watch us change that.

About the Co-Founders

Lee Manning | Co-Founder

  • Senior advisor to multiple classifieds, OEM brands & auto-related PE funds (eBay, Motors.co.uk, AutoTrader, Exchange & Mart, PSA Groupe, et al).
  • One of the highest awarded individuals for digital marketing in automotive.
  • Led in house team at National New & Used car retailer Perrys (14 Brands) until 2016, 3 yrs of record profit growth.
  • Keynote Presentations for the automotive industry & Google in the UK & Europe.

Tanesha Austen | Co-Founder

  • Multiple-award winning experience in Google PPC & social media – Multi +100% account growth increases.
  • Experience in 9 countries, with over 18,500 locations targeted.
  • 3.5 million key phrases under her management.
  • Regular speaker at some of Europe’s largest SEO & PPC events.

Leebot’s got features coming out of it’s ears.

An ‘out of the box’ easy-to-use marketing & business planner.

World class easy-to-search shopper library of over 100 Million audience profile types.

Over 3 Million car buying, finance & property search phrases.

Adverts can be launched locally, nationally or internationally.

Upload unlimited stock feeds (products) for free.

Modularised task collaboration engine.

Customisable landing pages or more traffic to your website.

Make your own product pages, or add a link to your existing website pages.

Build & edit powerful adverts easy in just a few clicks.

Build Google, Facebook & Instagram adverts easy as pie and in a flash.

Target Postcodes, Cities or Towns.

Choose your own radius and add mutliple locations.

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